Peer-review the AI interface of papers and apps

Let's Build the #1 Consulting Platform to Help Academic Editors and Marketing Agents to Review the AI Intelligence at the Interface of Research Articles and Service Plugins API by Consulting with Authors and Developers

In today’s digital landscape, a developer writing an AI prompt that orchestrates an interface among various service plugins API is akin to an author writing a research article that cites various references.

editoReview is like publishing your ChatGPT conversations, but in a format where you can cite, pre-qualify, pay and schedule a meeting with the original author or developer.

chat any AI interface


then publish the transcript

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overlaying the arXiv/OSF literature of preprints and Microsoft AppSource/Zapier market of API connectors


Join thousands of users from top institutions who are already leveraging 1,000+ service plugins API and 2,000,000+ research articles.


Are you an academic editor or marketing agent in need of consulting assistance to craft an editorial review that specifies how well a research article or service plugin API should be searchable or usable via an AI interface?

Or perhaps you’re a research author or service developer looking to offer a consultation to demo how well your research article or service plugin API is searchable or usable via an AI interface, specifically targeting only pre-qualified editors and marketers as your clients.

Maybe all of you are interested in showcasing these pre-qualified editorial reviews in your catalogue or portfolio?

Whether you’re a client, such as an academic editor or B2B/B2C marketing agent, or a consulting brand, such as a research author or service developer, the editoReview consulting platform and marketplace is designed with you in mind. Easy:

1. Start a new review using the AI chat transcript or from a template document,
2. Cite the reference paper or app to schedule a consultation (i.e. seminar or demo) meeting with the author or developer,
3. Pay the optional consultation and publish the review transcripts with shareable links (i.e. DOI).

At editoReview.com, authors and developers consultants help editors and marketers to articulate an editorial that specifies how well intelligent search and intelligent usage (i.e., “retrieval augmented generation”, “dynamic chaining”) is possible at the interface of a research article or service plugin, in the context of other papers in the (arXiv) literature and other apps in the (Zapier) market.

WorkSchool 365, also known as editoReview, is a free open source implementation of this methodology, developed by a community of 1,000+ contributors, powered by Microsoft (Copilot Studio, Power Platform, SharePoint) and published in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace, guaranteeing the highest degree of identity governance and data governance, as required by enterprises and governments.

Imagine a seamless customer experience where, through the power of intelligent machine learning, a series of service APIs dynamically interlink without the need for explicit programming. This could include: conducting a smart search on any business’s website listed in the catalogue, verifying the customer’s identity through email, scheduling an appointment on any business calendar with ease, proceeding to a PayPal checkout for payment of bespoke product prices, documenting the chat history, and finally, sending notifications to both the customer and the business owner via email.

In this scenario, editoReview plays a pivotal role by providing marketers with the consultants to assess and enhance the extent and quality of such intelligent service integration within a solution package destined for commercial sale. A similar narrative unfolds in the realm of academic publishing of research articles…